Centuries ago, it was said that all the peoples of the land of Oras were free and knew no master save themselves. There was food and coin for all. A paradise that has never been equaled, but it was not to last. Eventually darkness grew within the hearts of men and eventually covered all that was good in shadow. A nightmare of bondage and slavery is now all we know.

The lands of men, dwarves, elves, and more are a mockery of their former selves. The fields seem to produce less every year and the winters seem more cruel, but nothing more cruel than the so-called lords of these realms. Sadistic and evil, they take everything they can and leave most of us to starve…or worse. The lands are sick and if they are not cured…well, none of us will live to tell the tale.
- Elder Saris to the children of his village

An Ember, Aflame is a tabletop RPG using the Pathfinder rule set. The players take the roles of Heroes who live in the land of Oras, a world that is controlled by evil empires, malign kingdoms, and oppressive republics. If the Heroes want to have any chance at bringing peace and freedom to the land, they must overthrow those that seek to dominate all.

The major themes of this campaign revolve around established, evil nations of man, elves and dwarves and their possible destruction by the players. While it seems less “fantastical” compared to traditional fantasy settings due to its dark setting and focus on war, there will still be plenty of fantasy involved. In fact, the players could very well fail in their quest or even choose to not pursue the more war-like choices. This world will be reactionary, based on character choice rather than a tired, static place.

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An Ember, Aflame