Character Creation

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Ability Rolls

Forgoing with the ancient role-playing of rolling your stats, An Ember, Aflame does not use the standard method to determine ability scores. This campaign will use the Point Buy system set at 20 points.


An Ember, Aflame uses the standard D&D alignments, so we’re sticking with the classics. If you wish to play an evil character, please contact the DM ahead of time with the following information: a good decent descriptive reason why and a well-worded promise you will not disrupt the game.

Available Races

All of the core races are accepted. If you wish to play a different race, please ask the DM ahead of time. This shouldn’t be a problem but it gives him time to include the race as a whole in the setting. Please note the following:


The most populous of races, men are generally proud and ambitious to a fault. They think themselves of masters of all, yet they fail to see how weak their positions usually are. Most men are greedy and self-serving, but there are a few scattered people who are not as flawed. If you choose to be human you can come from virtually anywhere and be of any disposition, though most will be more “anti-hero” than a true hero would be.


While in most settings considered to be the gentler and fairer of the races, most elves in this world are near-feral carnivores with a taste for the flesh of “lesser races.” With skills in hunting and magic, they are considerable foes in the best of times and a nightmare any other. Characters who wish to be elves may choose to be an outcast (normal in other settings) or like their aggressive kin.

Available Classes

Any class from the Players Handbook is allowed. A new Cleric or Paladin, however, is not allowed to choose from the list of deities listed in existing source material. Consult your DM about which deities are available to you. Feel free to even create your own deity!

Family Heirloom

In addition to your normal starting gear, each character is allowed to have one item that is of special significance to them.

Detailed Backgrounds

The campaign actively encourages creativity while developing your character and his story. Feel free to create to regions, cities, people and much more when thinking up your new persona. Submit all of your ideas to the DM and he will work them into the story.

In addition to the suggestion of making a detailed origin, the DM does require at least one NPC that is related to your character to be made. They can be a friend, family, rival, mortal enemy, whatever. They wust have some importance to the character as they will be included into the story in some way. They cannot be used to augment your own skills, however, but may be “swapped to” in the event of the main characters death.

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Character Creation

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